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Where the Right and the Left Meet

Not all languages are left to right (LTR); some languages are right to left (RTL), which sometimes poses problems with the design and layout of the website. At AsiaLocalize, we have novel technology tools that support both RTL and TLR languages, allowing us to avoid one of the website localization common pitfalls.

Do You Speak Global?

In time where space boundaries no longer exist, there must be a gate that everyone can go through regardless of the language they speak. In the business world, this gate is a company’s website. With billions of Internet users, your website is now the platform where you first meet your customer. A website can reflect the best image of a corporate depending on how informative, accurate, and internationally friendly it is.

It might be interesting to know that research has revealed that more than 70% of customers are more likely to buy when they enjoy the comfort of going through the array of products/services in their mother tongues. Consequently, while considering expanding its market globally, a corporate should get its website properly localized.

At AsiaLocalize, we provide an outstanding-quality website localization service in numerous language pairs: English to Japanese, German to Japanese, and German to Chinese, to name a few. Knowing that translating the content of a website doesn’t necessarily make it relevant to customers, we work on providing a flawless locale-specific website.

Hiring only experienced native-speaking linguists, we guarantee a firm understanding of the locale-specific culture, taking into account all the details from the difference in time and date formatting to currency, measurements, images,  and writing styles. At AsiaLocalize, website localization is a round-the-clock service, catering for our clients anytime, anywhere. We are flexible with all operating systems including Windows, various Linux distributions, Netware, Solaris and Macintosh AsiaLocalize website localization services include but are not restricted to

  • Translation and adaptation of website content in more than 30 language pairs
  • Translation and localization of social networking content
  • Translation and adaptation of mobile-friendly website content
  • Graphics localization
  • Testing of localized websites
  • Assessment and review of language, graphics, design, code, cultural appropriateness, and functionality
  • Managing multilingual website updates and maintenance

The Secret Code

With over 800 million users wired up to the Internet, Asia is home to a large audience, whatever your business sector may be. However, many Asian languages are double byte like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, which, in some cases, might be accompanied by limitations with respect to the character sets required to create content for a given language; this might negatively affect the appearance of your website or, even worse, make it incomprehensible.

We at AsiaLocalize support the specialized character sets needed for each project to ensure compatibility across all users, providing a user-centered website.

Same Meaning, Different Length

In many cases, especially when translating from English to Asian, the accurate translation of a word would take larger space. Text expansion is a pitfall we thoroughly analyzed. To avoid a jumbled layout, we invest in advanced technologies and carefully lay out a road map for each website localization project, masterfully dealing with all text size variations, with a commitment to bringing consistency and accuracy to your website.

Fast and Flawless

Website localization can be time and resource consuming if not carefully planned and efficiently implemented. We invest in state-of-the-art technologies and certified in-country, in-house linguists, ensuring a successful combination of both quality and fast turnaround time.

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