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E-learning has taken the training industry by storm in the past few years.  With 7 out of the top 10 countries with the highest E-learning growth rates in the world, Asia is a clear standout.

Learning is a matter of building bridges, and so is localization. Taking your training program to a new market will definitely increase your profits and open new doors for keen and passionate learners worldwide. Furthermore, it ensures consistent and reliable results with all trainees getting the same opportunity to learn effectively, regardless of their mother tongue or location.

Your Multilingual Teacher

The main objective

The main objective of E-learning localization is to boost knowledge acquisition and retention rates.  However, learners with different cultural backgrounds would differently perceive a training program content. Profound understanding of target locale culture is thus required to adapt and tailor examples, imagery, dates and numeric formats, and colors.  It was proven that different cultural values, norms, and key beliefs are usually only visible to natives; hence, at AsiaLocalize we rely on a team of in-country, native-speaking linguists in encoding the secret cultural codes to provide a culturally sensitive E-learning service.

In addition

In addition, we at AsiaLocalize believe that E-learning localization requires beyond mere translation of training program content: the localized course needs to be interesting, engaging, and relevant for your target audience. Only a talented linguist with sound subject-matter knowledge can adapt and adjust your localized training material so that it would be no less engaging and dynamic than the original. Springing from this belief, our dedicated project managers assign each project only to a linguist with subject-matter experience.


Realizing that in the E-learning world technology and language are closely entwined, our engineers work with a wide variety of E-learning technologies and software platforms, such as Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, offering comprehensive localization services geared towards the E-learning market unique requirements.

Our end-to-end E-learning solutions include:

  • Conversion of former training materials into an E-learning format
  • Localization of software applications, web applications, and documentation
  • Reviewing the localized course to make certain that the original matches the localized content linguistically and functionally
  • Localization of multimedia and marketing materials
  • Localization of course graphics
  • Audio voiceover
  • QA testing of the final product to ensure an accurate and appropriate adaption of your materials

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