Games Localization

The Game Is NOT Over!

When it comes to playing and having fun, there should be no boundaries. Invest in localizing your game and make sure it is enjoyed by each and every gamer, regardless of their mother tongue.

With a generated mobile games revenue of 12.2 billion U.S. dollars, Asia dominates the games market. However, people need to be most comfortable while they wallow in the excitement of the game. Pushing the wrong button because one cannot understand the exact meaning of the word displayed can be quite annoying for your customers. An accurate and reliable localization service is thus needed to take your game across borders and dramatically increase your profits.

AsiaLocalize provides unrivaled game localization services in more than 30 language pairs, helping its clients gain competitive edge and outplay the global market game.


A Win-Win Game!

With escalating numbers of people playing games on their mobiles or online, there is an increasing need of localizing games to fit companies’ expansion plans in the global market .

A proficient linguist is your powerful ally in today’s highly competitive market.

At AsiaLocalize, we believe it is not merely about being fluent in the pair of languages to be translated; it is also about the solid knowledge of gaming language. Taking this into consideration, we don’t just hire native-speaking linguists…we hire passionate, talented gamers.

And the Winner Is…

Quality game localization requires deep understanding and complete awareness of the cultural aspects. A confusing word or a culturally inappropriate image might cause dramatic damage to your expansion plan. Moreover, the technical challenges can be time and resource consuming.

Our team of talented engineers and our wide network of in-country, native-speaking linguists, supported by our strict quality metrics, help us provide a cost-effective and reliable service to gamers all around the world, guaranteeing that our clients win the market expansion game each time.

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