Multilingual DTP


The Mirror Effect

Multilingual DTP’s main objective is to produce localized online or print-ready materials which precisely reflect the original, while complying with the linguistic, cultural, and typography standards of the target locale Be it a brochure, a pamphlet, a user manual, or any other content

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AsiaLocalize DTP service not only gives clients the chance to reach out to a broader segment of the global audience through communicating with their end-users in their mother tongues, but also offers them the privilege of standardization, that is, standardizing the layout and design of materials in various languages, positioning a client’s brand as a global corporate with international presence, which builds credibility and promotes brand image.

Localization In and Out When it comes to DTP, providing good looks and maintaining accurate content are equally important: a tiny typography mistake or a culturally irrelevant translation will have a negative impact on brand image and possibly result in delays and extra costs

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At AsiaLocalize, we follow strict quality assurance procedures paying close attention to culture norms, having the outcome customized to the target locale in regard to currency, numeric and date format, graphics, colors, spelling and grammar, etc

All-Inclusive DTP

AsiaLocalize offers its DTP services in more than 30 language pairs. We support all character sets, avoiding the common technical problems that accompany some languages, specifically double-byte languages such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Being well aware that translation usually results in text expansion or shrinkage, our DTP specialists perfectly manage text size variations, dedicated to producing a localized mirror of the original design and layout. Using the latest technology, AsiaLocalize provides its clients high-quality DTP service for both LTR and RTL languages, significantly reducing clients’ time-to-market.

We also have the resources required to work with any platform and with all formats:


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