Your Job, yes…. your work…that’s right I am talking about you & me

Come on, we all know what “SSDD” stands for *(not to mention that most of us experienced it) so let’s skip this part and move on fast to these points below before I lose my enthusiastic spark here.

Stops and rethink about your job, industry, and people around from a different angle according to these points below, so bear with me and quietly shut your mindset for a moment and close your prejudice eyes…… 1-2-3

  1. Your job is not a Cash-cow that runs of its own without your contribution and everyone else in your company, so Yes…. Your contribution matters and affects that cow.
  2. Your job is not travel allowances, nice cars, dressing up and meetings .. no .. your job = sweat ..tiredness.. absence from home … lack of some pleasures of a lot of sacrifices. that’s true *(start admitting it rather than denying the truth)
  3. Your job wasn’t forced on you, as a matter of fact you chose it with your full freewill, so be brave enough and accept your choices.
  4. Your job is not the Working hours waiting to pass, if that’s it then prepare yourself for failure sooner “not later” believe me.Your job = GET THE JOB DONE ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Your job is not a favor ,you’re making for your employers or clients… no, your job was actually given to you in the first place as a chance to make a difference.
  6. No matter how much experience you have don’t get cocky ...Still we all need to learn more.
  7. Finally, even if your the president or an executive be sure that your work behind the desk will not be enough. You’re real work has to have someactions beyond that even if you’re working in a virtual online business.

OK, that’s it for now….. I hope to see your comments and discussions.