Processes & Quality Assurance

The Language Purifier

Our meticulous, 3-eye quality assurance system ensures an error-free service. The TEP (Translate-Edit-Proofread) system we follow is faultlessly implemented, where each project is to be managed and overseen by our team of carefully selected project managers who assign each project to one of our talented, passionate linguists.
Once the translation/localization step is finished, the project is to be handed to our reviewers who edit, recheck, and make sure an accurate, coherent, and culturally appropriate message is delivered; as soon as it gets approved, a certified, native-speaking proofreader reviews and refines the language of the project, putting our clients’ satisfaction ahead in each step of the QA process.

The Selection Formula

Distinction is a choice, and the right choice is the key to distinction

Distinction is a choice, and the right choice is the key to distinction.

At AsiaLocalize we value and acknowledge the efforts of each and every team member and believe that our success and distinction are to be attributed to our talented and dedicated staff. Implementing a well-organized selection process is a daunting task. With a huge database, choosing the right linguist can be tricky. It takes highly effective vendor management to anticipate future needs and define the business areas, subject matters, main language combinations, and types of services that need to be covered. Thanks to our outstanding vendor management, we have a large talent pool covering all the aspects of the translation and localization industry. Realizing that an effective selection process is the cornerstone of translation and localization industry, we invested time and effort in setting and organizing AsiaLocalize selection criteria. At AsiaLocalize, candidates pass various rigorous stages to join our linguists’ team, starting from analyzing résumés, thorough checking of clients’ references to translation tests and service quality evaluation.

The following is a brief overview of our selection criteria

Native speaker competency

Formal relevant education and training as a translator

Sufficient experience in the required business areas, as well as other project requirements

Expertise with translation memory and CAT tools

Familiarity with the various file formats to be handled

5 valid client references

Passing our translation test in the target subject matter

The Magical Checklist

AsiaLocalize implements Six Sigma methodologies to check for functionality, documentation, and language issues. The strict quality metrics and procedures help streamline our product localization quality assurance process.
The quality assurance procedures we follow are not restricted to language and culture correctness but also involve checking formatting, graphics, links, addresses, etc.

A few examples of our impeccable quality checklist are

  • Consistent use of formatting for software terms and cross references
  • Proper alignment of tables
  • Style and tone consistency (avoiding multiple writing styles for one product so as it feels like it was written by one person)
  • Cross-product consistency (consistency in terms of style, tone, and terminology across multiple products)
  • Proper display of accented characters and trademarks

  • Country standards (adaptation of cultural references, such as date and time formats, units of measurement, currency, and number formats)
  • Full localization of graphics
  • Functionality of links
  • Adaptation of external links to localized sites
  • Appropriateness of point size for Asian fonts to Asian legibility
  • Correct usage of punctuation

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