Automotive and Trucks

Automotive and Trucks

On the Road to a Global Market

The fierce market rivalry in the automotive industry necessitates opening new markets, striving to attract and maintain a solid customer base, with the aim of building allegiance to brand name in order to maximize earnings in the long term. Customers would naturally tend to take purchasing decisions when they are able to relate to the product/service provided. At AsiaLocalize we not only make our clients’ message comprehensible in multiple languages but we also make it culturally relevant. Thanks to our expertise and scalability, our clients hit the road to the global market at top speed.

A Four-Wheel Drive

In the translation and localization industry, an inaccurate translation might negatively impact profits and revenues, but in the automotive vertical, where the product may be maintenance or operating manual, the smallest translation mistake can put lives in danger. At AsiaLocalize, we have a team of passionate drivers eager to set the wheels in action. We rely on four pillars that ensure we provide unparalleled translation and localization services customized to the automotive industry: our in-country native-speaking linguists with their unrivalled knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the industry terminology, our In-House Style guide to eliminate inconsistencies and maintain the utmost accuracy, and AsiaLocalize glossary coupled with the effective usage of translation memory tools. We offer a fast and reliable service that goes beyond expectations allowing our clients’ products/services to cross borders with ease and confidence.



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October 13, 2015