Bringing Tomorrow’s Classrooms

“Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

Helping learners get access to information in an easier, faster, and less expensive way is a goal worth striving for. At AsiaLocalize, we connect learners across geographical frontiers, bringing tomorrow’s skills to today’s learners.

Arguably, gone is the time of pen and paper. Regardless of how true this is, the fact that the E-learning industry has been booming in the past few years is undeniable. Creating consistency in training materials for multinational corporates and consequently building a unified global message in multiple languages to ensure everybody is on the same page, increasing profitability while reaching a broader audience, and catering for the educational market need of a more interactive and visually attractive training material are amongst the reasons behind the rapid growth of the E-learning industry.

With the growth of E-learning industry emerge a lot of requirements onto the market. Recognizing the unique set of requirements for each and every project, at AsiaLocalize we proficiently address these requirements delivering tailored training material with examples, imagery, dates and numeric formats, and colors that are relatable and culturally appropriate for learners in the target locale.

Our services in the E-learning industry include localization and translation for the following training tools and platforms:

  • Instruction manuals and training materials
  • Course modules and vignettes
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Audio and video content
  • Subtitles and voiceovers
  • Story-based E-learning