A Superpower

Since 1883, when Thomas Alva Edison discovered that electrons will flow from one metal conductor to another through vacuum, the electronics industry has been making extraordinarily huge leaps in the global market. With the demand for electronic products on the rise, electronics manufacturers have come to realize that there is an urgent need to effectively communicate with their customers in their mother tongues. Releasing a multilingual sales and support material like user manuals and sales literature is now a necessity and an industry standard.

Even the highest-quality products with the best specifications can struggle their way in a new market if not equipped with a partner that has the knowledge and expertise to proficiently customize their products/services to the target audience.

At AsiaLocalize, we pinpointed the potential pitfalls and professionally addressed them. With their wide experience in dealing with electronics-specific terminology, our linguists have top-notch electronics industry knowledge.

Linguists can master more than one language but only a native speaker can master the cultural aspects. Realizing this, we hire only in-country, native-speaking linguists, guaranteeing a multilingual culturally appropriate product/service.



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October 13, 2015