Life Science

Life Science

One Word, Many Lives

When the worlds of localization and healthcare intersect, great attention to detail becomes crucial. For instance, an incorrectly placed decimal in a patient leaflet can be life threatening or at least result in delays and product withdrawal. At AsiaLocalize, specifically in the life sciences sector, we look upon delivering top-quality service as a prerequisite to competence.

Working towards the ultimate aim of providing multilingual accessibility of life-saving content, we pride ourselves on contributing to unlocking the doors of the global market to countless numbers of patients and health professionals.

Localization, the Remedy

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company planning on introducing a product into a new market, a healthcare organization that needs to widen its scope, or a medical devices company required to localize labeling including software, user manuals, and instructions for use, a trusted localization agency is your indispensable partner.

At AsiaLocalize, we understand the ever-changing regulatory requirements and international standards that our clients must comply with. We constantly stay updated and accommodate your content accordingly.

No Side Effects

Our holistic, comprehensive quality assurance system backed by the perfect combination of technology and expertise delivers a premium-quality service within budget and time constraints.

AsiaLocalize TEP (Translation-Editing-Proofreading) system is the most sophisticated in the Life Science industry, supported by rigid quality assurance procedure in each and every step. With our in-country, native-speaking linguists having the education, training, and experience that perfectly match the subject matter, you can be confident that your message is accurately conveyed and impeccably accommodated to the industry standards and culture norms.

Working in the dynamic life sciences arena, we are committed to implementing groundbreaking technological solutions. At AsiaLocalize, we use CAT tools like Trados, SDLX, Passolo, MemoQ, and Across, dedicated to providing ideal translation and localization solutions in a timely fashion.

In the life science sector, we deal with patients’ medical records, scientific breakthroughs, and critical clinical research data. Hence, there is no room for compromising confidentiality. At AsiLocalize, we ensure our clients that their content remains highly confidential and secure.



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October 13, 2015