Break the Language Code

“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”-Bill Gates

Our team of in-country, talented linguists, dedicated project managers, and highly efficient localization engineers, along with our skillful, experienced QA team, all contribute to a seamless software localization process.

The software industry had a great impact on the global economy and across various industries. This can be obviously gauged by the tremendous increase in innovations and the substantial technical progress. With expected annual growth of 7.1%, the software industry is currently the fastest growing.

The software sector is multifaceted with a scope ranging from personal computer applications, operating systems and network management tools to software applications. At AsiaLocalize, we cater for all market requirements with unprecedented flexibility of handling different platforms while utilizing the latest technologies.

AsiaLocalize helps software companies unlock their potential and seize the massive number of opportunities that the global market now offers. At Asialocalize we have the resources and capabilities to decode language and cultural codes. We make certain our clients avoid the time-consuming, costly delays and take their software across the bridges of language and culture.


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October 13, 2015