Transcription and Voiceover

More than Words

Transcription might seem like an easy job that only requires good listening skills; however, transcription involves a lot more than mere dictation. Besides the essential outstanding listening and writing skills, solid knowledge in the subject matter is vital to a quality transcription service.

Body language and tone of voice are integral parts of communication, in some cases accounting for more than 60% of a successful communication process. Same as speech uses timing, tone, volume, and timbre to add context, a skillful transcriptionist effectively and efficiently makes use of the suitable punctuation, headings, and layout to clarify the message in the written text and give no space for confusion and ambiguity. Only a language expert would identify the tricky differences between spoken and written language and know how to smoothly cut through them, aiming at an extremely accurate transcript of whatever kind of spoken text. Moreover, different dialects and accents for one language can be a big obstacle to an exact transcript. With our team of native-speaking, in-country linguists, at AsiaLocalize, we removed this obstacle, masterfully turning our clients’ spoken text into a written form that is no less dynamic.

Thanks to our expertise and unrivalled vendor management, we have a wide network of skillful transcriptionists who are experts in the target subject matter, ensuring premium quality transcription services for all Asian languages.

Spread the Word

Transcription is converting speech into a written or electronic text document. Transcribed copies allow easy lookup for the desired information. A written transcript is also important to identify key topics discussed. In addition, it also serves people with hearing imparity so they can also have equal access to the information required.


Just Say the Word

Oftentimes, the poor quality of recordings, background noise, and certain file formats would pose challenges to a first-class transcription service.

We at AsiaLocalize invest in cutting-edge technology and support all file formats, avoiding other costly and time-consuming solutions in order to provide our clients with a cost-effective and timely transcription service for not only common but also rare Asian languages.

We Keep Your Words

The content of a spoken text can be a testimony of a witness in court, a medical record of a patient, or an interview with a celebrity; hence, confidentiality is of paramount importance. At AsiaLocalize, we maintain full confidentiality in regard to any and all audiotapes and documentations received from clients.

Put Your Words in All Tongues

We offer voiceover services in numerous language pairs for various forms of media. To ensure correct pronunciation, we hire only in-country native speakers. Nevertheless, we believe it is not just a matter of pronouncing correctly: a boring monotone can negatively affect a client’s project. Stemming from this belief, our team of native speakers are talented intonation and modulation jugglers.

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