Lost in Translation…Found in AsiaLocalize

“Not everyone who knows how to write is a writer and not everyone who knows two languages is a translator”

Since this is the principle we believe in and implement in the selection process, our linguists think of translation not as a matter of words but rather a matter of making a whole culture intelligible. Working towards the aim of giving a new vision, a new chance of market branding with each language translated, we rely on a team of in-country, culturally sensitive linguists giving our clients’ products/services a local look and feel. All linguists are certified, experienced, well-trained, and subject-matter experts. They pass through a series of rigorous tests before joining our team. Moreover, many of our linguists are in-house.

At AsiaLocalize you can be confident that our linguists will go the extra mile to deliver your message across borders.

Perfection…Our Only Parameter

In today’s fast-paced, wildly competitive market, there isn’t much time for a trial-and-error management system; we fully realize that our clients, whatever their business sector is, no longer dip a toe in the water and would rather go swimming across the global market various channels.

Only a reliable localization service can help you hit the ground running in the global market. Bearing this in mind, we guarantee nothing less than a perfect quality of our services.

With our wide network of passionate in-country linguists strictly following our rigorous quality assurance steps, along with the top-notch technologies used, AsiaLocalize carves its name as an equivalent to accuracy and efficiency.

Best Value for Money

AsiaLocalize is keen on cutting down on costs while maintaining the highest standards in the localization industry. With this goal in mind, AsiaLocalize doesn’t charge rush fees. In addition, we offer a free-test service, allowing our clients to assess the quality of our work for free.

Our clients no longer need to pay for repeated words, sentences, or phrases. At AsiaLocalize, we use CAT tools and a unique translation memory for each client, which not only increases efficiency but also reduces the costs of your translation project to the minimum, offering the best value for money

The Time Machine

Understanding that time is priceless especially in the business world, we are committed to serving customers in their local time zones. Having a wide and rich network of dedicated linguists, along with the state-of-the art technologies we are keen on using, we meet all clients’ requirements within the requested time frame and terms of agreement.

At AsiaLocalize, we use specialized software for the terminological standardization of the texts to be able to offer high-quality service in a timely manner.

Get Off on the Right Foot

Knowing that accuracy is the anchor of our industry and the key to bridging cultures, we set the highest priority on consistently delivering the utmost accuracy in each and every project. Within this framework, we have a team of highly qualified project managers that relentlessly work on delivering your project on time and with the best quality. They maintain an effective communication process with the clients, clarifying the purpose of the project and getting all the information required to ensure a successful start and avoid any time-consuming ambiguities while working on the client’s project.

The Call of Technology

Coping with the latest technological innovations is not enough. At Asialocalize  we stay one step ahead supporting all the major CAT tools (e.g. Trados, SDLX, Passolo, MemoQ and Across). Our well-trained, experienced engineering team is equipped with all the software applications and high-tech tools, working towards a cost-effective and efficient service.

A-Z Localization Partner

We offer a comprehensive set of localization solutions catering for all the steps of the localization service lifecycle. We offer our services to a vast array of industries like automotive, banking, life sciences, telecom, and many others. At AsiaLocalize, your ultimate localization solution is at the touch of a button.


Consistency Matters!

With the countless synonyms of one word, the complexity of jargons, and the multiple ways of writing the same sentence arises inconsistency, which might consequently lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Having this in mind, our team of professional, experienced linguists strictly adheres to AsiaLocalize In-House Style Guide and terminology glossary to ensure that our clients deliver a clear, unambiguous message to their customers.

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