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A Short Guide to Japanese Game Localization

A Short Guide to Japanese Game Localization

Respecting cultural diversity is a cornerstone of good international relations in any industry. In the case of video games, a multi-billion dollar and thriving sector, companies worldwide must deal with a big challenge. 

And that’s especially true in large markets such as Japan, where business opportunities are numerous due not only to incredible technological advances but also to the number of video game players in the country. 

Anyone looking to expand can see Japan’s video game market as a gateway to success. And localization plays an important role here.

Japanese game localization is about something other than translating content into Japanese; It is about the whole experience, including also the format issues and cultural elements that are crucial for any game to be accepted in the Japanese market. Unless the game is expertly localized, it will likely not engage your target player base, and the effort will be in vain.

Wondering why? In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss the following:

  • What’s video game localization?
  • An overview of the Japanese game industry.
  • Why is video game localization in Japanese necessary?
  • Tips to consider when localizing a video game into Japanese.
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