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Translation Quality Assurance


Providing Quality Assurance to Enhance Translation and Deliver Your Message Flawlessly

Accurate, Consistent Translation Quality Assurance Services

AsiaLocalize provides you with a professional translation quality assurance to ensure the consistency and accuracy of your project’s translated and localized content. We have an efficient translation management system and coherent revision cycle through which we check the stylistic, linguistic, grammatical, and semantic sides of your translated project. Our teams fix all the errors and inconsistencies in the content to ensure flawless turnarounds for your target audience.

Quality Assurance Tools

At AsiaLocalize, we use advanced translation tools, style guides, and glossaries in order to guarantee an outstanding final product. Throughout our language services, we use CAT tools to boost quality. Our translators regularly update translation memories (TM) after each project we complete for you. Our translation services employ many QA tools including Phoenix, LTB, QA distiller, and many more.


The translation and localization of your content can be worrisome. The translation is not only about the act of putting the content in another language, but every step from receiving your content until delivering it counts. With an experienced team and a rigorous translation quality assurance process, you can rest assured that your project will be localized in high quality and within perfect timing.


AsiaLocalize team is confident that the perfect quality lies in the process,
therefore we developed a rigorous translation QA process that goes as follows:

1 – Analysis and Preparation
Upon receiving the translation and localization project, our dedicated project managers (PMs) start analyzing the project's details and identifying the needed resources, instructions, glossaries, and style guides. Our PMs assess the volume of the project so that they assign it to multiple translators if it is huge. Following this, our localization engineers take over to extract translatable content.
2 – Translation
Our native linguists who are subject-matter experts start translating your project using CAT tools to ensure high quality and accuracy of the translation. They do not only translate, but they also localize the content adapting it to the cultural norms of your target audience.
3 – Editing
AsiaLocalize’s PMs assign the translated project to other linguists to start editing the entire content, verifying terminology and style. They review and modify any mistranslation or linguistic errors as well as any inconsistencies.
4 – Proofreading
In the 4th step of our translation quality assurance process, our linguists proofread and linguistically sign-off the translated content using trusted translation QA tools.
5 – Desktop Publishing
Our desktop publishing (DTP) experts work on the translated and edited content to match the layout and format with the original file. Moreover, our localization engineers synchronize the content to ensure it is flawlessly delivered in a harmonious way.
6 – Review
In this step, AsiaLocalize’s team conducts a final review to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the translation. They further check if the content's style accurately and appropriately fits in the target market. The project then is delivered in time to you, and our team awaits your feedback or comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between translation QA & QC?

Translation quality control (QC) and QA are both part of the quality management system. QA relates to the process and it aims to prevent defects. Meanwhile, QC mainly focuses on identifying any defect in the techniques, approaches, and processes designed.

How do you ensure quality in your translation?

Throughout our translation QA process, translators, reviewers, and proofreaders coordinate to ensure the quality meets the ISO 17100:2015 international standards, which guarantees the highest quality possible.