Top-Grade App Localization Services

Localize Your Mobile App and Multiply Users and Downloads Across Borders

Quick Turnarounds

At AsiaLocalize, we use advanced translation tools. For our app localization projects, we use translation memories, CAT tools, and glossaries guideline which not only achieves quality and consistency but also allows us to reduce turnaround time.
You can always rely on our reliable app localization services to deliver your localized app in different language versions in time and in perfect translation quality to your Asian targeted market.

Cultural Fit App

AsiaLocalize offers its app localization services in over 35 Asian languages. We will localize your app to be culturally appropriate in your target country. With our native speaking locally-based linguists and our experienced app developers, your app will feel like it was originally designed in the language of your Asian potential clients.

Our App Localization Solutions

We provide several app localization services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing User Interface
  • Optimization
  • Creating and Customizing Content for each market
  • Human Translation
  • Testing
  • Audio & Video Localization
  • On Device Testing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Agile Localization
  • And More

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Android and iOS app localization?

Android and iOS app localization is the translation of the app strings into different languages, while maintaining cultural relevance.

What is the difference between app localization and internationalization?

Internationalization starts earlier in the app designing stage. It is the process that prepares the app’s software in a way the makes localization possible; adapting the app to be available in different languages. App localization, on the other hand, involves the engineering”and linguistic – changes of an internalized app to be fit for a specific locale. In other words, internalization paves the way for app localization and app localization builds on internalization.

What are the countries to localize your app to?

In order to decide on what countries to localize to, you need to conduct in-depth market research in the countries with the highest downloads for this type of app. You can study competitors, or if you have already launched the app, you can analyze its downloads.