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Tailored eLearning Localization Services


Provide Customized eLearning Experience for All Users in Every Language


We provide you with integrated translation and localization services, delivering fully localized multilingual eLearning materials. Our translation team works on several levels, including texts, course design and layout, and multimedia content to ensure perfect quality localization.

We localize all types of eLearning materials to help you provide a multilingual eLearning experience for your Asian learners, where the translated content is convenient and immersive.

Localization Expertise

At AsiaLocalize, we have the expertise to provide educational translation in any field your training involves. Our native linguists polish the eLearning translation not just to be linguistically fluent, but also to be technically accurate and culturally appropriate to your target learners.

The translated content AsiaLocalize provides is as valuable and enriching as the original content, ensuring a fulfilling user experience for your Asian as well as your local learners and getting them engaged with the course material.

Learning Materials We Localize

AsiaLocalize provides its language services for different eLearning content, including, but not limited to:

  • New Staff Members Orientations
  • Training Modules
  • eLearning Websites
  • PowerPoint and Multimedia Presentations
  • Certification and Assessment Programs
  • Educational Material
  • XML-based Training
  • Audio Scripts and Voiceovers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLearning localization?

eLearning localization is translating your learning material into a specific language while ensuring that it is modified to be suitable for your targeted audience’s culture, beliefs, and needs.

How could eLearning Localization Increase ROI?

Through localizing your eLearning content, you will be able to provide it to a broader scope of learners and ensure they are familiar with it. More accessibility means more user engagement. And eventually, your returns of investments (ROI) will increase.

Do you have a robust project management process?

The role of our dedicated project managers encompasses many activities. They understand the ins and outs of our business. They inform you and support you every step of the way while coordinating between the different departments involved in your eLearning localization project to ensure an outcome that exceeds your expectations.

Most importantly, our project managers are always available 24/7 across different time zones to provide you with support and project updates as required.