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Literary Translation Services


Widen the reach of your artistic works and share your art with the world through our reliable literary translation services.

Cultural Expertise for Personalized Reading Experiences

Maybe your literary work speaks your native language, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted to speak to the world or global audiences. And with a foreign audience comes different cultures, which requires deep cultural awareness. That’s why we at AsiaLocalize only hire professional translators who are also reading gurus and have expert knowledge of varying writing styles and formatting of your literary work.

We know how to add the necessary touches to your work to deliver high-quality well-customized experiences to your readers, getting in tune with local nuances. So, your global readers won’t only relate to your literary works but will also feel as if they are created specifically for them, and they will dive into your world in their own language and culture.

Nothing Will Be Lost in Translation

Creating relevant experiences in foreign languages doesn’t mean that you should lose the originality and personality of your artistic work.  At AsiaLocalize, we develop meaningful content for your foreign readers, delivering on their expectations while maintaining 100% accuracy and faithfulness to your source material. No sacrifice!

Yes, we tailor our language translation solutions around local customs and beliefs while always maintaining your work’s identity and writing style. Always. Also, our translation process is multi-layered, entailing rigorous testing steps to ensure the absence of any errors in style, typography, grammar, syntax, consistency, and more. Accordingly, in the end, you will get a flawless translation project of the highest accuracy in a timely fashion.

AsiaLocalize’s Literary Translation Services

With AsiaLocalize, you will guarantee that your literary projects will provide remarkable and relevant experiences to your foreign audience. As an ISO-certified translation company for over 10 years, we have mastered the translation of literary projects of different complexity levels. Here are the types of translation we work on:

  • Book Translation Services
  • Script Translation Services 
  • Poetry Translation Services
  • Magazine Translation Services 
  • Articles Translation Services
  • Songs Translation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Ensure the Accuracy of the Translation of My Marketing Material?

Since we know that quality is a non-negotiable priority for you and, consequently, for us, we arm ourselves with the most sophisticated testing and quality assurance process to faithfully carry your message across all your target languages and markets. Also, we adhere to the industry’s best practices and operate under ISO 17100:2015 certification standard. So, there is no place for mistakes with AsiaLocalize.