Machine Translation Post Editing Services (MTPE)

Delivering Agile, Fast Machine Translation Post Editing Services

Our Professional Post-Editors

At AsiaLocalize, we choose professional machine translation post-editors who are native speakers, excellent linguists, and have huge subject-matter experience. Our editors are adept at using the latest technologies and most advanced tools. They have a keen eye for detail as they can easily spot any inconsistency in the translation.

Our post-editors check your project to ensure it has the best quality and that it can easily fit in your target country.

MT Post-Editing Types

There are two types of MT post-editing. Light post-editing is used with technical documents that need linguistic and readability editing and fewer corrections. Meanwhile, full post-editing is used with more in-depth texts like marketing or literature.
In the full post-editing process, we enhance style and cultural relevance, along with the readability and linguistic modifications.

Errors Our Post-Editors Look For

Our editors modify a range of machine errors, including:

  • Inconsistency
  • Accuracy
  • Mistranslation
  • Efficiency
  • Readability
  • Style
  • Cultural Appropriateness
  • Tone

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it good to use machine translation post-editing?

Machine translation post-editing is best used when you have a large volume project and you need to save time. It produces better results with technical translations giving you short turnarounds. However, adding the human factor can dramatically enhance the quality of your translation.

How does machine translation post-editing work?

Translators use automated translation tools and translation memories to get an initial draft, then they start working on this draft to humanize it and make it appealing to the targeted audience.