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A Concise Guide to Japanese Legal Translation

Planning your Japanese legal translation project? Here’s a short and handy guide to inform your decision-making.

A Concise Guide to Japanese Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the most challenging translation fields. Due to its sophisticated terminology and deep specialization, legal translators must possess not only native linguistic skills but also technical proficiency in the legal field.

Even so, the legal translation goes beyond academic and semantic expertise. Language professionals often must handle different legal systems and confidentiality concerns with extreme care.

This is especially true for one of the world’s most popular and demanding languages: Japanese.

Foreign businesses expanding into Japan require legal translations. But, at the same time, language requirements and peculiarities of Japanese legal translation present their own unique set of complexities, making the job difficult for inexperienced translators.

So, the question remains: Why does Japanese legal translation matter?

In this white paper, you will read about:

  • An overview of the Japanese market and the value of legal translations.
  • Japanese legal translation challenges.
  • How to choose a world-class Japanese translation agency.
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