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Who We Are


Professional Translation and Localization Provider Connecting you to the Asian Market

High-Quality Language Solutions

Limits of language are limits to brand loyalty. AsiaLocalize turns these limitations into opportunities, empowering our clients in the global market. AsiaLocalize provides the highest-quality translation and localization services for common as well as rare Asian languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Malay, and Korean.

Localization Expertise

Based in the heart of Asia, Malaysia, AsiaLocalize is a professional language services provider that relies on a wide network of certified, in-country, native-speaking linguists, offering world-class localization and translation solutions in almost all Asian languages.
Being home to a huge variety of languages, the Asian market might seem like a bumpy road to take. At AsiaLocalize, we embrace this diversity and see it as an ideal opportunity to help smooth our clients’ entry through the gates of the burgeoning Asian market, utilizing our expertise in breaking the language and cultural barriers with the aim of ensuring an effective communication process between our clients and their end-users.

Our Mission

We are the ground where the East and the West converge, where the unique language diversity in Asia is to be embraced and maintained while liberating languages from their own borders aiming at clearer and more effective global communication.

Our Vision

To become the number one choice in the localization and translation industry in Asia in less than 5 years, offering an impeccable, comprehensive service that redefines the standards of global branding.