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Premium Multilingual Energy Translation Services

Delivering Efficient Translation to Help You Win the Competitive Energy Market

Our Expert Energy Translators

Whether your business falls under the umbrella of oil and gas, electricity, or other energy sources, a partner that has sustainable linguistic resources, technology tools, and expertise is necessary to provide you with accurate energy translation services to help you open new markets.
AsiaLocalize has a large talent pool of linguists who have updated knowledge of the constantly changing energy terminology. Being in-country native speakers, our linguists tailor your project to the culture, beliefs, and regulations of the target locale, helping our clients build global alliances in a fast-growing and dynamic market.

Specific Energy Documents Translation

The different energy resources, especially oil and gas, need exploration and business expansion in many countries around the world. Without energy translation, the language will be a barrier in running the business and understanding all the documents and contracts of your projects.
We provide you with oil and gas translation services to help you extract the oil, refine petroleum products and trade the natural gas. Our energy translation services will also help you invest in various scopes of renewables including solar and wind energy generation.

Types of Energy Documents We Translate

You can trust AsiaLocalize’s energy translation services to help your business growth. We translate:

  • Health, safety, and environment (HSE) documents
  • Process information and technical specifications
  • Contractor training materials
  • Country regulations and concession agreements
  • Feasibility studies
  • Metering manuals and order forms
  • Safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Engineering reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it challenging to translate Arabic?

The Arabic language has letters that are not found in other languages. Besides, it is a poetic language that tends to use a lot of figurative speech, and in which one word can indicate many meanings. That is why Arabic translation needs expert native linguists who are well-aware of the language.

How many words are in the Arabic language?

There are around 12.3 million words in the Arabic language.

What sorts of files do you work on in your Arabic translation services?

AsiaLocalize works with all file formats and translates from many languages into Arabic or from Arabic to many languages based on your business needs.