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Marketing Localization and Translation Services

Localizing Your Marketing Content to Attract Asian Audience

Linguists or Marketers

At AsiaLocalize, we don’t just select linguists; we select ones who are creative marketers and know how to attract customers in the Asian target locale. All our linguists are in-country native speakers, which allows them to smoothly craft communications that resonate with the cultural nuances and purchasing preferences.

We select our linguists based on high-standards as they must be experienced, certified, subject-matter experts, and well-trained. Moreover, our translators have to pass several tests in order to join our team.

Thanks to their competency, our most acclaimed clients rely on our unrivaled competency in providing creative marketing translation services for their projects and campaigns.

You Tell, We Sell

With AsiaLocalize, all you need is to tell us your requirements: we will thoroughly analyze them, address them, and turn them into selling points for the Asian market. As a translation and localization company, AsiaLocalize will help you market your projects across Asia. We translate from English and German into all Asian Languages, and we also provide translation services into Middle Eastern languages.

We provide you with consistent, high-quality marketing translation services. At AsiaLocalize, we follow a 3-tier TEP (translate, edit, and proofread) system that guarantees you a flawless professional translation of your global marketing documents and campaigns.

Our Marketing Localization and Translation Services

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletter
  • Market Research
  • Advertisements
  • Blogs
  • Social Content
  • Promotional Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it challenging to translate Arabic?

The Arabic language has letters that are not found in other languages. Besides, it is a poetic language that tends to use a lot of figurative speech, and in which one word can indicate many meanings. That is why Arabic translation needs expert native linguists who are well-aware of the language.

How many words are in the Arabic language?

There are around 12.3 million words in the Arabic language.

What sorts of files do you work on in your Arabic translation services?

AsiaLocalize works with all file formats and translates from many languages into Arabic or from Arabic to many languages based on your business needs.