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Arabic Translation Services


Reach Millions of Arabic Speakers through our Professional Translation Services

Proficient Native Arabic Translators

At AsiaLocalize, we assign your project’s translation and localization to proficient native-speaking linguists, who are locally based in the Arab world. Our Arabic linguists are subject-matter experts in the field your business is involved in. They have extensive experience in the different Arabic dialects, which makes them the perfect choice for Arabic translation, whether the translation is in Modern Standard Arabic or colloquial Arabic. Besides, our linguists are well-aware of the cultural norms in each country and they perfectly localize your project to be friendly to your target audience.


We are experts in providing high-quality Arabic translation and localization services in the following industries:

  • Arabic Life Sciences Translation
  • Arabic Entertainment & Media Localization
  • Arabic Telecommunications Translation
  • Arabic IT/Software Localization
  • Arabic Automotive Translation
  • Arabic Industrial & Manufacturing Localization
  • Arabic eLearning & Education Translation
  • Arabic Legal Translation
  • Arabic eCommerce Localization
  • Arabic Marketing & Advertising Translation
  • Arabic Gaming Localization
  • Arabic Banking & Finance Translation
  • Arabic Energy, Oil & Gas Translation
Arabic Energy, Oil, and Gas Translation

When it comes to the energy sector, the Middle East and Africa are among the top investors’ choices. Whether you are investing in renewables or oil and gas, AsiaLocalize has got your back. We provide customized Arabic translation services in the fields of energy, oil, and gas as our linguists are experts in the energy investment policies followed in your target country.

Arabic Legal Translation

Because every industry involves legal documents, our legal translation will always get you covered. We are dedicated to carefully choose our legal translators to be experts in the regulations of your target country. We pay close attention to details to avoid any costly mistakes in your legal translation. Our quality assurance (QA) process guarantees to deliver an error-free legal translation to help you gain a foothold in new markets.


We understand the critical nature of the life sciences content. Therefore, AsiaLocalize provides accurate and consistent Arabic life sciences services. Additionally, we offer you our life science back-translation services in which we translate the content from the target language back into the original language to ensure nothing is lost in translation. We believe that the medical and pharmaceutical content is global, especially to fight epidemics. Thanks to our expert teams and professional process, we deliver high-quality Arabic medical translation in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it challenging to translate Arabic?

The Arabic language has letters that are not found in other languages. Besides, it is a poetic language that tends to use a lot of figurative speech, and in which one word can indicate many meanings. That is why Arabic translation needs expert native linguists who are well-aware of the language.

How many words are in the Arabic language?

There are around 12.3 million words in the Arabic language.

What sorts of files do you work on in your Arabic translation services?

AsiaLocalize works with all file formats and translates from many languages into Arabic and vice versa based on your business needs.