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Reach millions of Armenian speakers and make your products or services more enticing and appealing through our rock-solid Armenian translation services.

Armenian Language Services to Make Your Audience Feel at Home

For over a decade, AsiaLocalize has been helping many businesses to enter Armenia’s market, providing them with Armenian translation and localization solutions that combine our long-standing expertise and solid industry knowledge. We support your Armenian translation needs in almost 120 languages, covering all aspects of the translation project while keeping your schedule intact.

If you are so keen on driving your potential customers to buy your products or services, nothing is better than making them feel at home. At AsiaLocalize, we can make that happen through our culture-driven Armenian translation services. We realize that both the linguistic and cultural components are equally essential. That’s why we only go for in-country native speakers and Armenian linguists with insider knowledge of local cultural sensitivities and conventions to deliver the right message to your target audience in a perfectly natural and impactful manner.

English to Armenian Translation Services to Get Off on the Right Foot

If you are planning to operate in English, you might just be missing out on a huge potential in the Armenian-speaking markets. Your success in your local market doesn’t necessarily mean you can make it through the fierce international competition using your native language or English. You have to be totally prepared for Armenia’s market with high-quality Armenian translation services. And AsiaLocalize is equipped to provide all-round translation and localization support from English or any other language to Armenian (and vice versa).

To deliver expert support and high-quality services, we have Armenian linguists and subject-matter experts in all domains to be able to tackle your language requirements and your industry’s intricacies and challenges. We don’t only deliver linguistically flawless and fluent translations to win over your target customers, but we also delve into your industry’s terminology and language to deliver professional Armenian translation services that are industry-specific and business-focused.

Armenian Document Translation

Whether you want to translate your financial, legal, or technical documents, from software-related to medical devices documentation, into Armenian, we’ve got you covered. We bring the perfect blend, combining the most outstanding Armenian human translation and localization capabilities and the power of the latest technology tools, such as our best-in-class translation management system, to help you set your foot in the thriving Armenian market in the fastest turnarounds. 

Our professional Armenian translators will translate your documents with quality and speed. They will also provide you with expert Desktop publishing services, adapting the documents’ design and layout to resonate with and appeal to the target audience.

Armenian Life Science Translation

Whether you’re a pharma company, contract research organization, medical device manufacturer, or medical research institute, you’ll need a professional language services partner who you can entrust with your medical and life science translation needs. And that’s where AsiaLocalize come save the day. We undertake your life sciences translation projects with extreme care and attention, preserving the accuracy and integrity of the original version. 

And because we know that the slightest translation mistake can put you and your patients at risk, we only hire our medical translators on the basis of strict criteria with the right qualifications and many years of experience in the field. And also, to meet the strict deadlines that govern the life science industry, we equip our experts with advanced terminology tools and resources to accelerate the whole process.

Armenian Legal Translation

Thousands of top legal firms and departments have depended on our ISO 9001 2015 certified legal translation services to connect effectively with their clients. And that’s not only because of our meticulous legal translation processes, but we also know the ins and outs of the legal languages in the region.

At AsiaLocalize, we deliver nothing short of perfect quality and under complete confidentiality. Our legal translators have many years of experience in the peculiar style, structure, and lexicon of legal texts. Additionally, we execute ahead of schedule to allow our clients to maximize their global reach in the fastest turnaround times.