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Chinese Translation Services


Take your Business to the Chinese Market through our Efficient Chinese Translation Solutions

High-Quality Chinese Translation Services

Chinese is the largest spoken language around the world as 1.2 billion people speak it. It has two different variations, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is the official writing system used in Singapore and China.

Meanwhile, traditional Chinese is used in Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese economy is ever-growing, which makes it a privilege to translate from and into Chinese.

At AsiaLocalize, we work on providing you with high-quality Chinese translation in both language variations.

Our Native Linguists

AsiaLocalize is a leading translation company that provides you with professional, ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified Chinese translation services to help you expand your business.

At AsiaLocalize, we select subject-matter experts and Chinese document translators who are native speakers. Our linguists are experts in the Chinese cultural norms and dialects, including Mandarin and Cantonese, to ensure that your document is smoothly localized and friendly to your target locale.

We provide Chinese to English translation and vice versa. We also translate from German and French into Chinese.


China’s medical sector is rich in opportunities. The life sciences industry is growing rapidly in China, with the Chinese government paying great attention to the development of healthcare and medical technologies.

AsiaLocalize provides you with accurate, professional Chinese language translations for all life sciences’ content, including clinical protocols, clinical trial agreements, pharmaceutical documents, medical software user manuals, Chinese medicinal herbs, and many more.


When it comes to legal documents translation, a deep knowledge of legal terminology and cultural particularities is needed. And AsiaLocalize has that kind of specialized knowledge.

AsiaLocalize provides you with accurate and efficient Chinese legal translation services. Whether your document is court-related, contract, merger and acquisition documents, or any other business legal document, you can rest assured that we will deliver a high-quality translated document.

Chinese eCommerce Translation

China is one of the top contributors in the eCommerce business. During 2018, the percentage of people purchasing online grew to 92% in China, according to Statista.

AsiaLocalize provides you with innovative eCommerce Chinese translation solutions to help you grow your business. We localize marketing materials, eCommerce websites and applications, and all types of business documents to help you communicate with your partners and customers.

Chinese Translation Subject Fields
We are experts in delivering Chinese translation services in the following subject fields:
  • Chinese Life Sciences Translation
  • Chinese Entertainment & Media Localization
  • Chinese Telecommunications Translation
  • Chinese IT/Software Localization
  • Chinese Automotive Translation
  • Chinese Industrial & Manufacturing Localization
  • Chinese eLearning & Education Translation
  • Chinese Legal Translation
  • Chinese eCommerce Localization
  • Chinese Marketing & Advertising Translation
  • Chinese Gaming Localization
  • Chinese Banking & Finance Translation
  • Chinese Energy, Oil & Gas Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common Chinese dialect?

Mandarin, aka standard Chinese, is the most common dialect. It is based in Beijing and mostly used in Southwestern and northern China. The Chinese language has other dialects, including Hakka and Cantonese.

Which direction is the Chinese language written in?

IIn the past, Chinese characters used to be written on tortoise shells and oracle bones written in a column from top to bottom, right to left. This means that the first column to read is the right one and the last to read is the left one. Nowadays, regions that use simplified Chinese tend to use a Western layout, in which the characters are written in a left-to-right horizontal direction.