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Access the most expansive network of professional Farsi translators and subject-matter experts with AsiaLocalize and professionally market your products/services to around 62 million native Farsi speakers.

Farsi Translation Services within the Tightest Schedules

Regardless of your timeline and project scope, we are well-prepared to take over the responsibility of faithfully conveying your message to the Farsi-speaking regions in the fastest turnaround times. We instantly cover your on-demand English-to-Farsi translation or any Asian language-pair translation and localization needs without any hassle or delays, allowing you to keep pace with your fast-growing business and be ahead of the curve. 

AsiaLocalize is an Asian-based translation and localization company equipped with only professional translators in the Farsi language with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in your language and industry. And powered by our most advanced translation technologies, we empower our Farsi experts to translate your documents, websites, apps, and more with quality and speed and provide consistent results across all your projects.

Certified Translation Services to Meet the Global High Standards

We at AsiaLocalize designed our processes to respond better to our client’s needs and requirements and maintain international ISO standards. Accordingly, we follow the most strict guidelines and best practices to implement a quality-driven translation and localization process and align deliverables with international quality standards and industry regulatory requirements.

We have a multi-layered process (translation, editing, proofreading) that guarantees everything goes as planned without any errors or mistranslations that can hinder your communication with the Farsi audience. So, we boast the highest measures of quality assurance that will meet your quality standards and expectations.

Farsi Document Translation Services

From medical and legal documents to financial reports and technical manuals, we can get your message across borders, tailoring your documents around your target audience without losing your original message, style, and tone. We assign our translators based on each project, bringing only the most competent with relevant experience for the job. Also, we ensure that we choose a team of experts in your industry to navigate the challenges smoothly and effectively. 

Also, we have a team of DTP specialists who work on your documents’ design and formatting to suit your target market’s and audience’s aesthetic preferences. So, we bring out an end-to-end Farsi document translation solution to help your audience grasp and resonate with your message.

Farsi Legal Translation Services

Since legal translations require deep knowledge and expertise in the source and target legal systems, languages, and specialized terminology, we at AsiaLocalize work only with legal professionals who understand the importance of words in the legal world. Our Farsi translators are highly experienced and capable of using legal-specific jargon and terminology, providing our clients with efficient and precise legal Farsi translation services.

Our legal translation teams are tech-savvy and are trained to leverage our innovative technology tools, such as translation memories and specialized glossaries, which assist them in delivering consistent translations and speeding up the whole process. And since a slight error in the legal industry can lead to catastrophic consequences, we work only with perfectionists who can’t settle for less than the highest quality. They are also supported by a multi-layered quality assurance process that doesn’t leave a mistake to go undetected.

Farsi ECommerce Translation Services

Do you want to entice your Farsi-speaking customers to go for your products or services? At AsiaLocalize, we know how to make this happen. With the help of our expert Farsi translators and linguists, we build world-class Farsi translation services that sway your audience toward your business. Our experts aren’t only natives and well-versed in the target cultures and markets, but also they have the marketing and copywriting skills that enable them to create creative and relevant messages that inspire your audience to take action. 

From product descriptions and catalogs to customer reviews, we tackle any content, providing you with the fastest results to penetrate the Iranian market quickly and confidently. Our ECommerce Farsi translation services bring a massive jump in your revenue and profits, fully supporting you with a full range of translation and localization services to streamline your expansion in the Iranian region.