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Bridging Barriers through Effective Japanese Language Solutions

Our Professional Japanese Translators

AsiaLocalize provides you with accurate Japanese translation services. Our expert Japanese linguists translate from many languages into Japanese professionally as they are native Japanese speakers who are locally-based and subject matter experts. You can rely on our dedicated project managers and professional linguists to deliver your message smoothly to your Japanese audience.

Japanese Manufacturing Translation Services

The Japanese manufacturing sector is thriving, and you are missing great opportunities if you are not investing in it. AsiaLocalize provides you with expert Japanese translation services for different fields in the manufacturing sector, including optical fibers, electronics, and robotics. We assign your project to experienced translators who are knowledgeable in the field you are targeting. Our team first studies the market and then localizes your project according to your users’ requirements and preferences.

Japanese Legal Translation Services

In any industry, legal documents are crucial to be well-communicated to all the parties involved. As a Japanese translation company, we pay extreme attention to the accuracy of the legal Japanese document translation. AsiaLocalize has a huge experience in legal translation. We provide accurate translation services for court files, contracts, agreements, patents, merger and acquisition documents, privacy policies, and many other legal contents. We understand that legal documents are highly sensitive and therefore we ensure the confidentiality of all your files.

JAPANESE AUTOMOTIVE Translation Services

The Japanese Automotive Market Is One Of The Most Successful And Competitive Ones. When It Comes To Vehicles And Motorcycles, Japanese Brands Prove Their Presence In The Global Market Year After Year. However, Investing In The Automotive Industry Needs Japanese Translation. Whether You Need To Translate From Or Into Japanese, We Have Got Your Back.

ADVANCED Japanese Translation Services

Thanks To Our Advanced Technologies And Translation Tools, We Offer High-Quality Japanese Translation In A Short Time. You Can Rest Assured That Your Project Will Be Accurately And Professionally Localized Into The Japanese Market Exactly When You Need It And Within The Budget You Have.


We are an expert Japanese translation agency that delivers top-quality Japanese translation services in the following industries:

  • Japanese Life Sciences Translation
  • Japanese Entertainment & Media Localization
  • Japanese Telecommunications Translation
  • Japanese IT/Software Localization
  • Japanese Automotive Translation
  • Japanese Industrial & Manufacturing Localization
  • Japanese eLearning & Education Translation
  • Japanese Legal Translation
  • Japanese eCommerce Localization
  • Japanese Marketing & Advertising Translation
  • Japanese Gaming Localization
  • Japanese Banking & Finance Translation
  • Japanese Energy, Oil & Gas Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different forms of the Japanese alphabet?

The Japanese language uses three different sets of Alphabet, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Kanji is the major Japanese alphabet, consisting of over 8000 characters. Each character represents a general word, an abstract concept, or a name. Meanwhile, Katakana and Hiragana are syllabic alphabets, using 47 characters. Each character of the 47 represents a sound. While Hiragana forms Japanese original words, Katakana is used for imported foreign words.

What is the Japanese Language Direction?

Japanese is traditionally written in the Tategaki format, which means it is written in columns from top to bottom. The columns are ordered from right to left.

How many people speak Japanese?

The Japanese language is one of the top 20 spoken languages around the world as it is spoken by over 128 million people.