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Khmer Translation Services


Tap into the business-friendly Cambodia through our certified Khmer translation services and create a powerful impact on your target audience.

High-Quality Khmer Translation Services

Many investors pivot their businesses (across numerous industrial sectors) toward Cambodia since it’s one of the fast-growing economies in the world. With low corporate income taxes, low shipping costs, and an investment-friendly atmosphere, Cambodia is one of the perfect Asian spots for ambitious businesses. And with almost 17 million Cambodians, only 3.5 million speak English, highlighting the importance of offering your products and services in the Khmer language.

And here is where Khmer language services are indispensable. For more than a decade, we at AsiaLocalize, have helped thousands of businesses establish grounds in Cambodia and stand amongst the best players in the Cambodian market through our top-notch Khmer translation solutions. AsiaLocalize offers a full range of language solutions, from all types of document translation to website and mobile app localization, desktop publishing, and more across various industries. We specialize in Asian languages and have a large pool of experts in more than 60 language combinations, supporting businesses invading international markets. AsiaLocalize brings you the quality and speed that your business needs to effectively communicate and connect with your target audience.

Stringent Khmer Translation &
Localization Processes

Responsibility is a part of being one of the top translation companies in the Asian region. Part of that responsibility is to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in the fastest turnarounds and at affordable prices. And in order to accomplish that the first time every time, we dedicate all our forces for the best results, from subject-matter project managers and professional Khmer translators to the most advanced translation tools and customized workflows and processes.

At AsiaLocalize, we come to a solution that merges your requirements with the highest quality standards. Whether you’re looking for life science document translations or technical translation services, whether you need to localize your game or translate your medical device documents, we are here to empower your international market growth. Our hyper-efficient processes and workflows never miss a single detail, from translation and localization to the testing and quality assurance stages, delivering the project in the highest quality within your schedule.

Khmer Industrial TRANSLATION

Garment and food and beverage processing are vital industries in Cambodia. So, if you plan to expand your business in Cambodia’s industrial market and be one of the big players there, our Khmer industrial translation services will facilitate your expansion without a hitch. We have an extensive selection of certified Khmer translators who have the required expertise and knowledge to handle any industrial translation project competently.

Whether you want to translate user manuals or your products’ specs, we cover your needs with an end-to-end language and technical support set. With AsiaLocalize on your side, your multilingual communications are clear and effective for your target audience, paving the way for your robust market entry.

Khmer Agricultural TRANSLATION

Relying on English as your primary language in the Cambodian market isn’t exactly the smartest strategic move. That’s why we at AsiaLocalize get you equipped with qualified English to Khmer translators and a wide range of professional translators in 60 more language pairs to handle your translation and localization projects adeptly. Our Khmer linguists are well versed in Agricultural jargon and terminology, producing reliable Khmer translations.

Also, we comply with the international standards as well as quality and testing measures, providing certified translation without any delays or hassle. We build your ultimate solution from the first time, allowing you to focus on the other business aspects.

Khmer Life Science Interpretation & Translation

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical, medical devices, or biotechnology company that plans to take a giant leap in the Cambodian market or the Asian region, we know how to help you on that journey. The life science industry demands the highest levels of quality, accuracy, and compliance to the industry’s regulations. At AsiaLocalize, we guarantee all three. We hire the best of the best. Our translation experts and interpretation professionals have an extensive medical background that empowers them to handle the medical language and terminology skillfully and with an extraordinary eye for detail. Additionally, we perform a meticulous translation process (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) to ensure that your translation is 100% free of mistranslation, missing translation, or ambiguity.