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Our Talented Team

AsiaLocalize has a talented team that translates and localizes your content professionally to fit into your local market. Our team includes dedicated project managers (PMs) who organize the work process to get the best results. Moreover, our team includes native linguists, who are subject-matter experts, devoted DTP experts and localization engineers who ensure the high quality of your localized project.

Korean Medical Translation

AsiaLocalize has a huge experience in translating all life sciences’ content from anesthesia to pharmaceutical documents. We provide accurate medical translation services with zero mistakes as we believe that one mistake in life sciences translation can be life-threatening. It’s why we assign medical projects only to qualified Korean translators who are specialized in the life sciences field.

Technology Translation

The technology sector in Korea is soaring high. If you are involved in technology industries, electronics, IT, or software, you need Korean translation services. At AsiaLocalize, we provide the best technology translation and localization services that comes from a deep understanding of the Korean market. We help you maximize your business growth through our innovative Korean technology translation solutions.

Korean Multimedia Translation Services

South Korea has been exporting its cultural economy through the Korean Wave (Hallyu), which needs a translator who is experienced in multimedia, films, and entertainment translation, subtitling, and dubbing. At AsiaLocalize, our passionate linguists are experts in multimedia localization. Moreover, our multimedia localization team includes talented voice over artists and localization engineers who are capable of synchronizing your multimedia content to be released in perfect quality.


Because no business grows without legal documents, AsiaLocalize offers you accurate Korean legal translation to help you communicate with your partners and clients. Whether you need court documents or business documents like contracts and privacy policies, we have got your back. Our linguists are experts in legal terminologies, and they use the most advanced technologies to deliver consistent legal translation in time.

Korean Translation Industries

We provide accurate and consistent Korean translation services supporting several industries, including:

  • Korean Life Sciences Translation
  • Korean Entertainment & Media Localization
  • Korean Telecommunications Translation
  • Korean IT/Software Localization
  • Korean Automotive Translation
  • Korean Industrial & Manufacturing Localization
  • Korean eLearning & Education Translation
  • Korean Legal Translation
  • Korean eCommerce Localization
  • Korean Marketing & Advertising Translation
  • Korean Gaming Localization
  • Korean Banking & Finance Translation
  • Korean Energy, Oil & Gas Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

How many languages are spoken in South Korea?

South Koreans speak one language, Korean, with five different dialects, of which the Seoul dialect is the major one.

Is Korea English Friendly?

English is not widely used in Korea as most people use Korean, and it is hard to stay in Korea if you don’t communicate in this language. That is why Korean translation services are crucial to do business in Korea.

How many people speak Korean?

The Korean language is spoken by around 77 million people, in South Korea and North Korea as well as in the United States and China.