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Thai Translation Services


Tap into the second-largest economic market in South Asia and lead the way to seize infinite business opportunities!

Customized Thai
Translation Services

As one of the leading translation companies in Asia, AsiaLocalize customizes solutions based on your translation and localization needs. We bring together speed, cost-efficiency, and high quality in one solution to serve your business ambitions. At AsiaLocalize, we handle your translation projects end-to-end, giving you access to a wide array of professional Thai translators and cutting-edge technology tools to provide you with quality Thai translations.

In addition, our skillful project managers support your projects 24 hours, seven days a week. We back you up with Thai language services across many industries and content types, such as Thai document translation services, including business and legal documents, medical localization services, such as medical devices manuals localization, and more.

Thai Manufacturing Translation Services

As a giant contributor to Thailand’s economic growth, the manufacturing industry is one of the top industries in Thailand, especially beverages, tobacco, cement, textiles and garments, electric appliances, furniture, agricultural processing, and more. Also, Thailand ranks the second largest exporter of computer parts and hard drives in Asia. So, if you’re targeting to enter Thailand’s manufacturing market, you can have us as your right hand; we provide you with the whole package, resulting in trustworthy Thai manufacturing translation services. Our Thai linguists (native speakers) have the highest levels of competence to manage the obscure manufacturing language with its specific terminology and terms, showing the power of their language mastery combined with subject-matter knowledge.

Thai Automotive Translation Services

From Toyota and Ford to BMW and Mercedes-Benz, these and more get manufactured from A to Z in Thailand due to the giant investment that takes place by foreign automotive players in the Thai market. These investments laid the foundations for the automotive industry’s success in Thailand with 11% of the market share. Also, Thailand is considered the largest auto part manufacturer in Asia.

Consequently, approaching such a complex large industry requires cautious moves to deal with the increasing investment trend and fierce competition. AsiaLocalize facilitates your access to Thailand’s automotive market through our accurate and certified translations. As an ISO-certified translation and localization company, we ace the whole translation game, guaranteeing top-grade Thai automotive translation services that meet your schedule and budget requirements.

Thai Electrical & Electronics Translation Services

Electric and electronic appliances are of the top exports in Thailand. And if you want to be a part of that, you’ll need an expert Thai electric and electronics translation services partner to assist you to enter Thailand’s electronics world confidently and create a solid presence. At AsiaLocalize, we help you get to your destination. With us, you’re in capable hands; we elevate the game in the translation and localization industry, as an Asian-specialized company, through our quality-driven solutions that are customized based on the language and industry in question and company-specific expectations and requirements.