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Unparalleled Video Game Localization Services


Localize Your Game and Give the Best Game Experience to Your Asian Players

Localization for Global Growth

Localizing your game is a must-have part of your game development strategy. It does not only enhance your players’ experience, but it also increases your game’s downloads and boosts profit.

Game players have a better gaming experience if the online and mobile video games are in their language and relevant to their culture and beliefs. Through our game translation services, this is exactly what your Asian players can get.

AsiaLocalize also translates Japanese games, and other Asian games, into English to be available for global users. This way, your game gets a great reception from a diversity of Asian gamers and you can increase the game’s worldwide growth.

Our Passionate Native Linguists

At AsiaLocalize, we assign your localization project to passionate professional translators. Our linguists are all native speakers who are aware of the culture of your targeted locale.

Our engineers work on the coding to add the localized text to the game, while our voice-over artists produce high-quality narrations of your content. With our video game localization services, you can rest assured that your game will achieve the expectations you have for it.

Game Localization Services

At AsiaLocalize, we provide several video game localization services, including, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile Game Localization
  • Online Games Localization
  • Localization of In-game Cinematics, Dialogues, and Graphics
  • User Interface Localization
  • Localization of User Manuals
  • QA Support
  • Localized Game Testing
  • Game Script Translation
  • Game Banners Localization
  • Translation of Game Website
  • Game Ads Localization.
  • Voice-over Recording
  • Subtitling

Frequently Asked Questions

What is game localization team?

A game localization team consists of linguists, translators and editors, as well as desktop publishing specialists, voice-over artists, and localization engineers. The team translates and localizes all the content of your game and ensures everything is well-synchronized before launching the localized game to the market.

How long does it take to localize a game?

At AsiaLocalize, our project manager coordinates the work of our cross-functional localization teams, with optimized workflows and advanced translation tools in place to deliver your game in high quality in a short time.

Why to localize video games?

Localization helps your game stand out in the market competition as it makes the players feel valued and have control, which accordingly helps increase the number of your game downloads and popularity.

What does localization mean in video games?

It is to prepare the video game’s hardware as well as software to be suitable for the players’ beliefs, culture, and needs, allowing you to tap into new countries and markets.