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Widen your audience base and convey your brand message to your target market through AsiaLocalize’s professional translation and localization services. We got your back, combining the extensive expertise of our linguists and the power of the most advanced translation technology tools.

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    Why Choose AsiaLocalize? 

    AsiaLocalize covers your translation and localization
    requirements expertly at competitive prices promptly. 

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    Precision is our cornerstone and every time’s aim. With quality-driven technology and the expertise of our teams, we achieve the utmost precision and consistency.

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    Budget-Friendly Solutions

    Our translation and localization services are affordable. We implement cost-reduction strategies and have pricing packages, so you only pay for what you really need.

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    Fastest Turnarounds

    Owing to our leading translation technology tools and up-to-date specialized glossaries, our experts deliver the required projects within the tightest time frame.

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    Technology-Oriented Services

    Our advanced translation technology tools are designed to achieve quality, speed, and money savings.

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    Subject-Matter Expertise

    Whatever industry you’re operating in, our expansive team of linguists has specialized knowledge and expertise across a range of industries and sectors.

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    Thanks to our ISO certified multi-phased reviewing processes, you can rest assured that you’ll get fool-proof translations of the highest value.

    Our Services 

    AsiaLocalize services cover every stage of your project to ensure
    optimal, premium-quality services.

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    Editing & Proofreading

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    Multilingual DTP

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    eLearning Translation

    Conquer Your Target

    Locale With AsiaLocalize

    Languages We Translate into
    We help you expand your business with our professional language translation services, supporting the most challenging Asian languages.
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Chinese
    • Burmese
    • Malay
    • Thai
    • Turkish
    • Arabic
    • Vietnamese
    • Burmese
    • Indonesian
    • Tamil
    • Indian languages
    • Burmese
    • Bengali
    • Lao
    • Malayalam

    AsiaLocalize’s Comprehensive Process

    We have upped the game through our extensive human-powered and tech-driven processes that ensure that the outcome meets your high expectations and standards, giving you a solid foundation to set out in international markets with confidence. Here is our process step by step: 

    . Assigning a project manager with a relevant industry background 

    . Tasking a team of expert native linguists with years of experience in your industry to handle your translations, with the help of cutting-edge technology tools, translation memories, and technical glossaries

    . Editing and reviewing the translations to spot and correct any mistakes

    . Assuring the quality of the end results and the compliance with the client’s requirements

    . Delivering first-class translation projects

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    Multi-Tiered Review Process
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    High Confidentiality
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    On-Demand Support

    Our Achievements

    We pride our selves on walking a successful path to be one of the best providers of Asian translation services that are accurate, efficient and affordable.

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    Our Reputable Clients

    Open Up for Millions of Opportunities With AsiaLocalize

    AsiaLocalize’s Professional Translation and Localization Services Make Globalizing Your Business
    Simpler, Faster, and More Effective

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