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Malay Translation Services


Dive into 290 million Malay speakers' world and grab their attention with AsiaLocalize's tailored language solutions.

High-Quality Malay Translation Services

Malay is the official spoken language in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore and unofficial in Thailand and East Timor. So, if you’re targeting the largest economies in Southeast Asia, you should consider incorporating Malay into your business expansion strategy. Partner up with AsiaLocalize if you want to facilitate your expansion and growth in the Malay world. As one of the top global translation companies with many years of experience, we concentrate all our efforts on providing expert Malay translation services that impact your future goals. We walk you through the way promptly to reach what exceeds your business expectations.

Quality-Oriented Translation Services

Delivering professional Malay translation and localization services is a challenging task, but with AsiaLocalize, it’s a five-finger exercise. At AsiaLocalize, you will have all the guarantees to receive high-quality Malay language services that match the linguistic and cultural norms of the Malay world. Not only do we have a team of academic, native, subject-matter Malay linguists, translators, editors, and proofreaders, but we also have a quality assurance team striving to deliver error-free translation projects. Plus, AsiaLocalize’s project managers play a significant role in communicating and enhancing the whole workflow.

AsiaLocalize is Well-versed in Malay Cultural Differences!

Malay speakers may speak the same language, but they almost don’t share the same cultural norms. If you deepen down into Malay cultural differences, you’ll find that Indonesian Malay speakers differ from those who live in Brunei or East Timor. At AsiaLocalize, this is something that we are aware of and recognize that it demands cultural competence. We integrate the cultural nuances in the translation to ensure accurate and authentic communications that your target audience can relate to and see value in. Our talented, experienced team is committed to cracking Malay cultural mystery for you. We follow a strict process where every step takes us towards your target to beat the odds and take on any tough competitor in the Malay market.

We ensure you:

  • To provide a qualified team of subject-matter experts, focusing on every detail.
  • To receive high-standard translation and localization projects without exceeding the agreed deadline.
  • To support you with cost-efficient solutions.

Malay Electrical & Electronics Translation

The Electrical & Electronic industry has a profound impact on the Malaysian economy, and its products are one of Malaysia’s main exports. If you’re planning to invest in this market and blend in with the Malaysian culture, you should consider integrating Malay translation services into your growth plan. At AsiaLocalize, we have the know-how to handle any localization and translation process professionally and translate from any language to Malay or vice versa in a fast turnaround time, without any hassle or delays.

Malay Medical Translation

All of AsiaLocalize’s translators, who handle medical translation services, have a medical background to communicate at a professional level of understanding since medical translation requires precision and thorough medical knowledge. And, as we believe in perfectionism when it comes to medical translation, we are equipped with a meticulous quality control system, covering all the steps across the translation and localization journey.

Malay Legal Translation

Accuracy is the focal point where everything centers around when it comes to legal translation. At AsiaLocalize, we understand the nuances of the legal terms and terminologies as well as the rules and regulations differences between each locale. Accordingly, we make sure to have in-country, experienced translators who have a legal background and are continuously following up on the daily changes in the legal globe. AsiaLocalize also ensures swift translation projects delivery, from Malay to the target language and vice versa, that meets the highest standards in the industry at a reasonable cost.