IT & Software Translation Services

Win the IT and Software Market Game through Our Translation and Localization Solutions

IT and Software Translation Services

Translating software and IT content is crucial to participate in growing industries. Therefore, AsiaLocalize helps software and IT companies unlock their potential and seize the massive number of opportunities that the global market now offers through providing their content in the Asian target languages they require. Throughout our localization projects, we use our resources and capabilities to decode language and cultural codes. Our project management systems will ensure consistency as our IT and software localization services guarantee you will avoid the time-consuming, costly delays.

Translation Masters

Our translation team of in-country, talented native speaking linguists, expert software developers, dedicated project managers, and highly efficient localization engineers, along with our skillful, experienced QA team, all contribute to providing seamless software translation services. It’s how we guarantee to deliver software translation services that are culturally appropriate to your target audience.

AsiaLocalize Software Translation Services:

Our professional team provides comprehensive IT and software localization services as well as linguistic testing services in the following fields:

  • Website & Apps Localization
  • Game Localization
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Software Documentation (manuals and UI)
  • Programming Files

Frequently Asked Questions

What is game localization team?

A game localization team consists of linguists, translators and editors, as well as desktop publishing specialists, voice-over artists, and localization engineers. The team translates and localizes all the content of your game and ensures everything is well-synchronized before launching the localized game to the market.

How long does it take to localize a game?

At AsiaLocalize, our localization team works and coordinates together and uses advanced translation tools to deliver your game in high quality in a short time.

Why to localize video games?

Localization helps your game stand out in the market competition as it makes the players feel valued and have control. This way, localization increases the number of downloads and raises sales.

What does localization mean in video games?

It is to prepare the video game’s hardware as well as software to tap into new countries, and to be suitable for the player’s beliefs, culture, and needs.