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World-Class Medical Translation Services


Because lives depend on medical translation services, at AsiaLocalize, we offer precise medical translations.

Fast, Professional, and Compliant Medical Translation Solutions

At AsiaLocalize, we pride ourselves on our continuous support and commitment to our clients in the life sciences industry by providing fast translation services of the highest quality on an on-demand basis, since pharmaceutical and medical device companies release products internationally almost daily. As an ISO-certified translation company, we’re up to the challenge of delivering professional medical translation services promptly. Our professional translation services are compliant with the industry’s regulatory standards including those of the US, Europe, and Japan, facilitating your market entry and growth.

Native Medical Translation Experts

Accurate translations and interpreter services in a sensitive field like medicine require a deep knowledge of the various disciplines under its umbrella. It includes a wide range of branches, like Genetics, Biochemistry, Dentistry, Psychiatry, Dermatology, etc. The success of any medical translation project then depends on the involvement of a subject-matter expert or medical interpreter who possesses an in-depth understanding and experience of using the suitable technical and medical language to the particular discipline in question. At AsiaLocalize, this is what you can expect. We rely on an extensive network of multilingual translators specialized in all medical fields and professional project managers to help you achieve the intended global success.

Thorough Translation Services

To sail you through the obstacles towards your goal, at AsiaLocalize, we have an advanced translation management system that includes plenty of innovative tools, such as CAT tools, translation memory, quality assurance tools, and much more. One of the essential tools we use consistently in medical translations is medical terminologies that ensure the accuracy and relevance of terminology usage and that work in conjunction with CAT tools and Translation Memories, saving you both time and money. Plus, we have a comprehensive QA system that validates the correctness and completeness of the translation and achieves error-free and fully compliant communications that reflect the value and impact of your original messages.

AsiaLocalize Medical Translation and Localization Services

At AsiaLocalize, we cover all your medical translation & interpreting needs professionally through our cutting-edge solutions.

Some of our medical documents translation services: 
  • Medical Device Manuals
  • Information for Use (IFU)
  • Clinical Reports
  • Medical Labeling and Packaging
  • Regulatory Audits
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Product Website
  • Advertising Materials
  • Clinical Trials Documentation
  • Patents
  • Package Information Leaflets (PILs)
  • Common Technical Documents (CTDs)
  • Quality Review Documents (QRD)
  • Patient Prescribing Information
  • Patient Consent Forms
  • Medical, Scientific Research Documentation
  • Academic Papers
  • Contracts
  • Protocols
  • NDAs
  • Scientific Journal Articles