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ISO Certified Editing and Proofreading Services

Reliable Proofreading Services for Flawless Quality Content


In our quality translation and localization process, we follow precise quality assurance (QA) measures to deliver the best quality possible.

Our 3-tier quality assurance process, translation, editing, and proofreading, ensures a flawless, zero-error translation that is engaging for your target audience.

You can request our TEP services, or only our editing and professional proofreading services depending on your business needs.

Editing and Proofreading Services for Accurate, Flawless Content

We deliver edited documents that are smooth and natural-sounding thanks to our native Asian editors and proofreaders. Our editors are locally based in your targeted country and are professional experts in your industry.

Types of Documents We Proofread

As a proofreading service provider, we deliver our quality editing and proofreading services for all file formats and different document types including:

  • Academic Proofreading Services
    a) Ph.D. Dissertations
    b) Theses
    c) Research papers and term papers
    d) (Admission) essays
    e) Journal articles
    f) Capstone projects
    g) Research proposals
    h) Academic manuscripts
    i) Personal statements
  • Business Documents
    a) Agreements
    b) Brochures
    c) Advertisements
    d) Business Plans
    e) Fliers
    f) Manuals
    g) Newsletters
    h) Product Packaging
    i) Training Material
  • Books & Publishing
    a) Book Reviews
    b) Novels
    c) Essays
    d) Novellas
    e) Plays
    f) Memoirs
    g) Travelogues
    h) Biographies

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure everything is covered in your editing and proofreading services?

At AsiaLocalize, we check for multiple things in your document. We ensure that the document is 100% correct in terms of grammar, typography, presentation, punctuation, structure, and clarity.

Why should I have editing and proofreading services?

Editing and proofreading services help you ensure that your content is delivered in high quality to your target audience, with zero errors, which helps you gain the trust and loyalty of your clients.

What comes first editing or proofreading?

In our process, we edit your translation first to enhance its structure and correct mistakes, then we proofread it word by word to check if there are any lingering mistakes.