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Insurance Translation Services


AsiaLocalize delivers precise, culturally sensitive Insurance translation services on time and at highly competitive rates, powered by expert native translators in over 120 languages.

AsiaLocalize’s Insurance Document Translation Services

AsiaLocalize is dedicated to fulfilling the diverse multilingual requirements of our clients. That’s why we make sure our insurance translation services are not limited to policy documents, insurance claims, medical transcripts, accident and police reports, privacy policies, etc.

We extend our expertise to assist insurance companies in their global outreach and branding efforts, too, through the accurate translation and localization of a variety of promotional content.

We ensure that every aspect of an insurance business’s communication is translated with the same precision and professionalism.

Whether brochures, logos, websites, apps, marketing content, or training programs, we expertly adapt creative projects for each market. Our in-house designers work closely with translators to ensure your brand essence and voice resonate locally.

Subject matter Experts In Every Domain

The specialized terminology and nuanced language characteristic of the insurance sector require that the translators working on insurance translations possess a profound grasp of the different requirements of the legal systems and the specific domain at hand.

Whether it’s life, casualty, property, or health insurance translation, each project requires a translator with the technical expertise and terminology precision to ensure accuracy.

At AsiaLocalize, we provide you with this and more. Our professional translators are native in-country subject-matter experts with extensive insurance industry experience, ensuring they are well-versed in the relevant cultural and legal requirements.

Where Linguistic Quality Meets Technical Precision

AsiaLocalize is ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified and adheres to best practices and the highest standards of quality. We also have rigorous quality assurance procedures in place to ensure the highest level of translation accuracy in our insurance translation solutions.

Our comprehensive QA process involves multi-level reviews by senior insurance professional translators, project managers, and proofreaders. Their domain knowledge combined with technological tools ensure outputs meet the highest industry compliance standards with zero errors.

Integrated Human-technology Approaches for Optimized Insurance Translation Solutions

We equip our translation and project management teams with the most advanced translation technology tools to handle insurance translation projects in the fastest turnarounds while maintaining the highest quality levels.

Our comprehensive glossary, translation memory tools, and terminology management systems, coupled with our flawless quality assurance system, guarantee speedy, accurate insurance translation services with no room for error.

We also have a variety of other technology-powered solutions that automate repetitive tasks and streamline our workflows, maximizing the overall efficiency of each project.

Guarding Your Confidentiality with Utmost Care

We understand the critical nature of the confidential information contained within insurance documents. To ensure your peace of mind, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of security and confidentiality throughout every translation project.

Our translators are bound by strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and are acutely conscious of their duty to protect your information from third-party disclosure or personal misuse. We place your privacy and legal safeguards at the forefront of our services, and we take every measure to secure them.